Financial Times

"Welcome to the US food scene that is hotter than the molten centre of a grilled-cheese sandwich. Once seen as stodgy and old-fashioned, the pungent world of cheese has been rejuvenated by a new generation of fromage-focused bars and restaurants, and trendy cheese shops run by twentysomethings with cow tattoos." 

The Telegraph

"We try a goat’s cheese with a tart, lemony tang and a Roquefort that has a remarkable flavour of pear drops. Then there’s a gooey orange puddle of Epoisses that really does smell of socks. A special tasting sheet helps us pinpoint and record elusive flavours as we sniff, squeeze and nibble our way through a total of 25 cheeses. It’s unadulterated cheese nirvana for curd nerds." 

Harrods Magazine

"There’s something irresistibly silly about a stick of rhubarb. Bright pink and bendy with a mixed-up sweet-and-sour personality, this jolly vegetable (and yes, it’s a vegetable, not a fruit) brings a smile to the face when it pops up in the kitchen during the winter months. But behind the flamboyant exterior lies a dark story."


"Daniel Land is all ears when he orders a coffee. The co-founder of Italian restaurant Coco di Mama takes his coffee seriously and has a good idea if he's going to get a good brew in a restaurant before it even arrives. The trick, he says, is to listen. “You want to hear the whir of the grinder, not the click of a dispenser or worse the sound of coffee being spooned out of a packet.” 

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